What lies beyond criminal justice?

The Centre's Senior Policy Associate, Rebecca Roberts, has co-authored an article published this month in the first volume of Justice, Power and Resistance.

The article, titled 'What lies beyond criminal justice? Developing transformative solutions' is co-authored with JM Moore...

14 September 2016

Gove’s reforms are legitimating the pains of imprisonment

The recent Queen’s speech placed prison reform at the heart of the government’s legislative agenda. According to Justice Secretary, Michael Gove, prisons are failing to rehabilitate criminals and...

J M Moore
24 May 2016

The ‘New Punitiveness' in the context of British imperial history

J M Moore argues that the continuation of punitive strategies is firmly rooted in colonial history In my article I want to place what has been described as the ‘New Punitiveness' in the context of British imperial history. By highlighting the experiences in the colonial periphery my intention is to...
J M Moore
cjm 101: #BlackLivesMatter

Who or what is to blame for deaths in custody?

'Ladies and Gentlemen

Tougher penalties
More prison places
A stricter prison regime
But also…
Improved resettlement and mentoring of offenders