More mega prisons won't fix a broken society

In the next few weeks a new mega prison, HMP Berwyn, in north Wales, will open its gates and the Ministry of Justice will start the process of filling it with prisoners from across the country.

Rebecca Roberts
8 February 2017

Misha: 'They don't care'

The traumatic personal experiences of women in the criminal justice system often go unnoticed. Their experiences are ignored; their needs minimised; their support and treatment an afterthought....

Madeline Petrillo
10 February 2016

Holloway: The beginning of a revolution?

At this year’s Conservative party conference, Michael Gove apparently heralded in a new era for criminal justice reform. Prisons need to be managed better, he said. People in prison need to...

Rebecca Roberts and Claire Cain
10 December 2015

Beyond Govism

According to liberal commentators, Michael Gove's speech on penal reform at the Conservative Party conference in Manchester, and his subsequent announcement that HMP Holloway was to close, will...

Joe Sim
14 December 2015

Institutional care and poverty: evidence and policy review

This review, sponsored by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation, examined international evidence about the links between institutional care and poverty in order to identify strategies for reducing the risks in the four countries of the UK.
Dr Roger Grimshaw, Rebecca Roberts, Paul Bebbington, Monica Dowling, Dr Courtney Hougham
26 August 2014