Outsourcing immigration detention

Last week the Centre for Crime and Justice Studies' Director, Richard Garside, was quoted in an article in the Financial Times about private companies running immigration detention centres. 

He said, 'if the state is going to detain someone, it should be under the auspices of...

18 August 2015

Greek minister's shame at immigration detention

In the current issue of London Review of Books, Daniel Trilling reports on his visit to the notorious Amygdaleza immigration detention centre on the outskirts of Athens.

Last month, the newly-appointed minister for public order, Yannis Panousis, visited Amygdaleza to express his...

27 February 2015

G4S: getting away with fraud, torture, and arbitrary detention?

The chair of the public accounts committee, Margaret Hodge, has lambasted the government for allowing G4S and Serco to bid for outsourcing contracts whilst under investigation by the Serious Fraud Office and the City of London over overcharging for services provided to the Ministry of Justice,...

9 September 2014