How Violent is Britain?

Advice for an incoming government

David Faulkner offers recommendations based on his personal experiences

Servant of the Crown tells the story of criminal justice and public service reform as I saw it during my time as a Home Office civil servant, with later reflections based on my work as a Senior Research Associate at the University of Oxford Centre for Criminology and with various voluntary organisations. It concludes with some suggestions relating to issues which government and the criminal justice services have to face today, and those are the basis of this article.

cjm 98: How violent is Britain?

Following the conference in Liverpool earlier this year in May, this December 2014 issue focusses on ‘How violent is Britain?’. David Whyte gathers contributions from those who spoke at the conference, including Vickie Cooper, Victoria Canning, Will Jackson and Helen Monk, and Barry Goldson.

Amongst the topical and comment articles, Nina Vaswani reports on her research findings on how bereavement affects young men in custody; Mari-Helen Maras discusses the unexplored underworld of cyberspace and David Faulkner offers advice for an incoming government.


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