'Better Regulation': Better for whom?

This Briefing by Professor Steve Tombs places the spotlight on the lack of effective regulation of pollution, food safety and workplace health and safety standards in the UK. An estimated 29,000...
1 May 2016

'Social murder' kills thousands each year

Thousands of British citizens are dying needlessly each year because of the government’s failure to tackle food poisoning, health and safety breaches and pollution, a new report from the Centre for Crime and Justice Studies claims today. The report –...

1 May 2016

Burying the Dead? Lies, Damned Lies and HSE Statistics

On 30th October, as every late October, the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), the regulatory agency with primary responsibility for enforcing health and safety law across British workplaces,...

4 November 2013

False claims over health and safety

Dr Dave Whyte and Professor Steve Tombs and others write to The Guardian with concerns about the wholesale withdrawal of routine inspections in most workplaces. Tombs and Whyte have...

6 September 2013