On publicity

When it comes to appearing in the media I am something of a newbie but recently I had some beginner’s luck: some research findings of mine...

Julian Hargreaves
5 January 2015

Anti-gang strategy unevidenced and contradictory

Jon Shute and Juanjo Medina argue in a comment piece on our website that the government's 'Ending gang and youth violence' strategy is a 'shameful and appalling' waste of taxpayers' money.

They write:

'In... the era of austerity, £10 million of taxpayers’ money has been

20 December 2013

Ethnicity, harm and crime: a discussion paper

Discussion papers from a roundtable discussion on ethnicity and social harm the Centre hosted in October 2008. The lead paper by Rebecca Roberts and Will McMahon is available for download, along with response papers by Professors Danny Dorling, James Nazroo and Lucinda Platt.
Rebecca Roberts and Will McMahon
1 October 2008

Policy, purpose and pragmatism

Policy, purpose and pragmatism: dilemmas for voluntary and community organisations working with black young people affected by crime explores the experiences of voluntary and community organisations (VCOs) that are predominantly working with black young people affected by crime in England.