On publicity

When it comes to appearing in the media I am something of a newbie but recently I had some beginner’s luck: some research findings of mine...

5 January 2015

Anti-gang strategy unevidenced and contradictory

Jon Shute and Juanjo Medina argue in a comment piece on our website that the government's 'Ending gang and youth violence' strategy is a 'shameful and appalling' waste of taxpayers' money.

They write:

'In... the era of austerity, £10 million of taxpayers’ money has been

20 December 2013

Ethnicity, harm and crime: a discussion paper

Discussion papers from a roundtable discussion on ethnicity and social harm the Centre hosted in October 2008. The lead paper by Rebecca Roberts and Will McMahon is available for download, along with...
1 October 2008

Policy, purpose and pragmatism

This report explores the experiences of voluntary and community organisations that are predominantly working with black young people affected by crime in England.