A life interrupted

Having just read a keenly awaited book that offers a lively and compellingly original scholarly foray into sentencing research, Sentencing: A Social Process: Re-thinking Research and Policy by Cyrus Tata, I was particularly struck by a phrase he used in the book, 'demographic distance’, denoting the experiential and social distance between those caught up in criminal proceedings and the professionals working in the court setting.

1 March 2020

Cannabis testing in prison 'contributed to the rise of spice'

Testing prisoners for cannabis has 'massively contributed' to the rise in the use of spice in prisons, drugs expert Professor David Nutt says in an interview today.

'There were 16 deaths last year from spice in prisons', he told The Observer paper. 'There has never been a death from cannabis.' The failure to treat Britain’s heroin problem...

20 October 2019

Professor Alex Stevens to speak at David Nutt lecture

We're pleased to announce that Professor Alex Stevens from the University of Kent will be speaking at our event with Professor David Nutt, which we are co-organising with Drug Science.

He will join us on 30 October to say a few words in light of his recent resignation from the Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs (ACMD). He resigned from the ACMD over...

8 October 2019

Beneath county lines

County lines refers to the extension of drug supply from urban into rural and other settings.

20 February 2019

Assessing the General Election manifestos

The Conservative, Labour and Liberal Democrat General Election manifestos propose more than 100 crime and justice-related policies between them.

26 May 2017

Fix room for drug addicts overdue but welcome

The announcement of support for Safe Injection Facilities in Glasgow is long a overdue but very welcome decision. Glasgow City Alcohol and Drug Partnership are to be congratulated for taking these...

8 November 2016