Dame Vera Baird QC on domestic violence

Earlier this week, the Victims' Commissioner, Dame Vera Baird QC, was in the news, arguing that there had been a "catastrophic" decline in rape prosecutions.

16 July 2020

Domestic violence prosecutions clumsy and costly

Everyone involved in domestic abuse wants to stop it. But there is huge disagreement about how to do so. Many campaigners feel that domestic abuse would stop if all incidents were prosecuted, if...

11 June 2018

Violent crime. Up for women, down for men

Bookings are now open for this year's Eve Saville memorial lecture, to be delivered by Professor Sylvia Walby, Distinguished Professor of Sociology and UNESCO Chair in Gender Research at Lancaster University.

At the lecture, in London on 12 April, Professor Walby will present ground-...

29 January 2016

What's this got to do with violence against women?

My current mantra when training professionals in responding to domestic and sexual violence is ‘if you think a client is ‘difficult’, ‘hostile’ or to use the standard...

9 July 2014

Ineffective police response towards domestic violence

A critical report by HM Inspectorate of Constabulary says that victims of domestic violence faced a 'lottery' in the way they are treated. Theresa May, Home Secretary, has called for a 'radical change', saying that she would chair a group to consider the findings of the report,...