Police spying and political movements

Our Research Fellow, Connor Woodman, has written two articles published in Verso and Jacobin.

For Verso, Connor responds to Alex S Vitale's The End of Policing and asks, 'When, if ever, is it justified for the state to surveil, infiltrate...

2 May 2018

Right to protest threatened by wall of silence

Since the exposure of Mark Kennedy as an undercover officer in the climate change movement in 2011, the spotlight should have been on undercover policing and getting to the bottom of its...

9 November 2017

Is it possible to hold secret policing to account?

For decades, one of the most powerful organisations in our society, the London Metropolitan Police, carried out secret policing operations against a wide range of political and trade union...

27 October 2017

Can the truth outweigh secrecy?

I have campaigned for decades against the brutality, malpractices and racism, both institutional and overt that exist within the Metropolitan Police.  Yet, I am continually alarmed that both the...