Latest from the campaign to end child imprisonment

In advance of today's Westminster Hall debate on the abolition of child imprisonment, the steering group of the End Child Imprisonment campaign have produced a joint briefing

The document is unequivocal that the child's best interests must always be a primary consideration and urges cross-party commitment to the immediate closure of young offender institutions and secure training centres.

More social workers, fewer police?

Sir Peter Fahy, Chief Constable of Greater Manchester Police has called for 'a new approach' in responding to vulnerable and missing teenagers. He emphasised the need to protect children, but questioned whether the police are best placed to do this, reports BBC News.

Speaking to BBC News at Ten, he raised the question of whether we need more social workers and fewer police officers. He said:

From punishment to problem solving: a new approach to children in trouble

From punishment to problem solving: a new approach to children in trouble looks at one of the key priorities for the New Labour administration in 1997, dealing with young offenders. Reforming youth justice was not only an end in itself. The new government observed that most adult offenders in the prisons started their offending careers as children and young people. By creating responses to youth crime which were more effective in turning young people away from delinquency, it was hoped to provide substantial benefits for society as a whole.

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