Joint call for closure of child prisons

The campaign to End Child Imprisonment has today published Principles and minimum expectations for children deprived of their libertywhich provides a framework for addressing harmful behaviour and supporting vulnerable children outside of prison settings.

18 April 2019

An alternative model of positive youth justice

The Youth Justice System (YJS) of England and Wales is not fit for purpose. It is about time that the YJS started to treat children who offend in ways that befit their status as children...

Professor Kevin Haines and Dr Stephen Case
23 January 2015

From punishment to problem solving: a new approach to children in trouble

From punishment to problem solving: a new approach to children in trouble looks at one of the key priorities for the New Labour administration in 1997, dealing with young offenders. Reforming youth justice was not only an end in itself. The new government observed that most adult offenders in the...
Rob Allen
9 September 2006

Poverty and Disadvantage among prisoners' families

Poverty and Disadvantage among prisoners families was produced by the Centre for Crime and Justice Studies in collaboration with the Institute of Psychiatry at King's College and was published by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation. The report examines how prisoners' families are `hidden innocent...
Rose Smith, Roger Grimshaw, Renee Romeo and Martin Knapp
4 May 2007

'Knife crime'. A review of evidence and policy (2nd Edition)

A coherent evidence based strategy that recognises the deeper structural causes of inequality, poverty and social disaffection is needed to address knife related offending according to a report published by the Centre for Crime and Justice Studies. The report argues that enforcement and punitive...