Why it is time to repeal the Vagrancy Act of 1824

There are many strands linking homelessness and the criminal justice system. Ex-offenders leaving prison struggle to access accommodation on release. They often lose their homes while in custody.

Steve Lee
26 November 2019

High court challenge to PSPO use

After it was revealed that Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole (BCP) council had targeted homeless people with a public space protection order (PSPO), there will now be a landmark high court case against the council. 

Public space protection orders are a tool to restrict certain actions...

5 November 2019

Young adults and antisocial behaviour enforcement

Building on work we completed last year, we are carrying out a series of activities to further explore how antisocial behaviour (ASB) measures are being used to sanction young adults (18 to 25 year olds), particularly in areas where use of the measures is high.

ASB measures can be used by local authorities, the police, and housing providers to sanction particular behaviours in public and private spaces. Very little is known about ASB measures; how they are used, who is being sanctioned by them, or what the outcomes are of using this approach. There is no...

New project: Young adults and antisocial behaviour enforcement

Our latest project, funded by the Barrow Cadbury Trust, is now underway.

It will build on the findings from the project on young adults and antisocial behaviour measures we completed last year, which established the extent of the use of three antisocial behaviour (ASB) tools to sanction young adults in England and Wales.

We aim to further explore how...

4 April 2019

Knife crime: a national emergency?

The Centre's director, Richard Garside, commented on knife crime trends and measures to tackle violence in yesterday's Guardian

Richard said it was inaccurate to describe the spate of knife crime as a national emergency, adding: 

It’s a very small number of the general population that’s either being victimised by this or in fear of their lives. It’s why these incidents seem quite shocking and why

1 March 2019

Anti-social behaviour powers and young adults: The data

This briefing provides the most comprehensive picture possible about the sanctions young adults have received as a result of three key antisocial behaviour powers, from the behaviours for which young adults are sanctioned, to where young adults are prosecuted and the court sentences they receive...
Helen Mills and Matt Ford
18 July 2018

Anti-social behaviour powers and young adults: Practitioners' accounts

It covers issues from the recognition of young adults in the workload to practitioners’ experiences of compliance with this age group. It also provides eight practitioners’ accounts of what happened as a result of their using ASB powers to sanction behaviour particularly pertinent to young adults...
Matt Ford, Roger Grimshaw and Helen Mills, with Neala Hickey
18 July 2018

The ASBO Jihad: a twenty-first century witch hunt

New Labour's focus on anti-social behaviour lacks a proper evidence based and has led to the persecution of those with mental health problems argues David Gregg. (This article is republished from Issue 79, March 2010 of Criminal Justice Matters) There is no point pussyfooting … if we are not...
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