What bit of criminal justice could you live without?

Men are encouraged to give up shaving for the month of ‘Movember’ - to cultivate their facial fluff in a bid to raise awareness and money for the cause of testicular cancer. ‘Dry January’ is all about abstaining from booze for 31 days in what Alcohol Concern say is a bid to ‘start a new conversation about alcohol’. And let us not forget ‘Stoptober’ (October) – the month to give up smoking.

Vive la révolution!

Women's imprisonment is placed under the spotlight in this week's New Statesman by Sophie McBain. Documenting the hardship and trauma faced by women prior to and during imprisonment, the piece outlines the case for radical rethink in current approaches to women who break the law.

Rachel Halford, director of Women in Prison, is interviewed in the article and calls for a 'a complete abolition of the women’s prison estate as it exists today'. 

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