In conversation with Alex S Vitale

After Alex S Vitale's appearance at Conway Hall last week to launch his new book, The End of Policing, our Research Fellow Connor Woodman and Novara's Sam Swann discuss with Alex the role of police in society and ask what the alternatives might be.

Listen to the podcast here.

23 March 2018

I would build...a blueprint for change

When I first started working in the criminal justice voluntary sector around 15 years ago, I did so with the best intentions. From what I’d learned at university and through voluntary work,...

13 July 2015

Building an international movement to abolish the prison industrial complex

Rachel Herzing and Isaac Ontiveros describe the aims prompting an abolitionist framework. Critical Resistance (CR) is a US-based grassroots group engaged in community organising focused on the goal of abolishing the prison industrial complex (PIC). CR uses the phrase ‘prison industrial...
cjm 84: Drugs

What bit of criminal justice could you live without?

Men are encouraged to give up shaving for the month of ‘Movember’ - to cultivate their facial fluff in a bid to raise awareness and money for the cause of testicular cancer. ‘Dry...

18 February 2014

Vive la révolution!

Women's imprisonment is placed under the spotlight in this week's New Statesman by Sophie McBain. Documenting the hardship and trauma faced by women prior to and during imprisonment, the piece outlines the...