Prison Service Journal: 257

Tuesday, 9 November 2021

The latest issue of Prison Service Journal, co-edited by Dr. Jamie Bennett and Dr. David Maguire, explores the topic of sex and gender in prisons and wider criminal justice policy and practice. 

The edition includes articles on: 

  • Masculinities and imprisonment by Dr. David Maguire
  • Perinatal women's experiences of access to medical expertise in prison by Kathryn Cahalin, Dr. Matthew Callender, Valentina Lugli and Claire Weston
  • The experiences of women prison governors by Verity Smith
  • Reflections on 100 years of imprisoning mothers by Dr. Lucy Baldwin and Dr. Laura Abbott
  • A search for a gender responsive approach to men in prison by Omar Phoenix Khan
  • An interview with Marie McCourt conducted by Dr. Jamie Bennett