Prison Service Journal

The Prison Service Journal is a peer reviewed journal published by HM Prison Service of England and Wales. Its purpose is to promote discussion on issues related to the work of the Prison Service, the wider criminal justice system and associated fields. It aims to present reliable information and a range of views about these issues.

It is hosted by the Centre for Crime and Justice Studies following the re-structure of the Prison Service and the loss of the Prison Service website.

Any queries regarding the PSJ, back issues or editorial articles for forthcoming issues should be sent to The postal address for contact is:

Prison Service Journal
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This issue has a focus on rehabilitative cultures and includes the following articles:

  • 'What is a rehabilitative prison culture?' by Dr Ruth Mann, Flora Fitzalan Howard and Jenny Tew.
  • 'Diversity and vulnerability in Prisons in the context of the Equality... Read more
  • This issue includes the following articles:

    • 'Suffering in Silence: The unmet needs of d/Deaf prisoners' by Dr Laura Kelly
    • 'The illicit economy in prisons: A new measure of biddability (BIDSCALE) to predict involvement in prison illicit economy and its... Read more

    Articles included in this issue:

    • 'Encouragement, Discouragement and Connection: The Role of Relationships in Prison Education Experiences' by Dr Helen Nichols.
    • 'A Literature Review of Transgender People in Prison: An ‘invisible’ population in... Read more

    The July issue has a special focus on the hidden diversity of prisons, past and present.

    Articles include:

    • 'Learning to Fail? Prisoners with special educational needs', by Dr Alana Barton and Anita Hobson.
    • 'Disability and the Victorian Prison: Experiencing Penal Servitude', by Dr Helen Johnston... Read more

    With a special focus on the future of prisons.

    Articles include:

    • 'What is to be done: Thinking about abolitionist alternatives', by David Scott.
    • 'Prison planning and design: Learning from the Past and Looking to the Future', by Yvonne Jewkes.
    • 'Can prisons contribute to social justice?... Read more

    The focus of this issue is on rehabilitation. The articles include:

    • 'A short ride on the penal merry-go-round: relationships between prison officers and prisoners within UK Drug Recovery Wings' by Charlie Lloyd, Geoff Page, Alison Liebling, Sharon... Read more

    This issue has a special focus on the informal dynamics of survival in Latin American prisons, including articles on:

    • 'Surviving in the New Mass Carceral Zone' by Sacha Darke and Chris Garces
    • 'Neoliberal Penology and Criminal Finance in Honduras' by Jon... Read more

    This issue includes: 

    • 'Current Debates over Restorative Justice: Concept, Definition and Practice' by Masahiro Suzuki and Dr Hennessey Hayes, and
    • 'Restorative justice in prison: A contradiction in terms or a challenge and a reality?' by... Read more

    This issue includes:

    • 'Prison Building Does Size matter? A Re-Assessment' by Dr Iolo Madoc-Jones, Dr Emyr Williams, Dr Caroline Hughes and Joanne Turley. And
    • 'An exploration of prisoners’ perceptions of the Incentives and Earned Privileges (IEP) scheme: The... Read more

    This special edition focuses on young people in custody