European Prison Observatory

We were the UK partner in a pan-European two year project funded by the European Union and coordinated by Associazione Antigone in Italy.

The purpose of the European Prison Observatory was to investigate and compare prison conditions, share better practice and promote the adoption of the National Preventative Mechanism and respect for human rights in prisons management across the European Union.

The project concluded in December 2014 and comprised three strands:

Detention in Europe: Involving the collection and collation of data on prison and penal conditions in eight European countries.
European guidelines on detention:Involving the identification of local practices and dissemination of different models in prison management. This strand will also include local workshops.
Monitoring bodies: Mapping in every country of activities and reports of the NPMs and of other monitoring bodies. Organising a National workshop to present and discuss the collected materials and the comparison results with local and national prison ombudsmen, monitoring bodies and other relevant institutions.

The other partner organisations were:

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