One Small Thing

One Small Thing works with staff in women’s prisons and in the community across England and Scotland, developing approaches grounded in understanding and fostering positive outcomes for all. We call this trauma-informed practice.

During the first phase of the project, One Small Thing worked with the National Offender Management Service to bring the renowned US expert, Dr Stephanie Covington, to the UK in September 2015. Dr Covington delivered a series of workshops for staff working in female prisons and community providers in England and Scotland. This builds on Dr Covington’s ground-breaking visit last year.

In May 2016, Dr Covington returned to hold an event where representatives from women's prisons reported back on the trauma informed work they had begun to implement since last September. There was also a day for those working in women's community service providers to be introduced to the work of Dr Covington.

In September and October 2016; we held four more days of training and follow up days. An introduction day for policymakers; a first follow up day for women's community service providers; a second follow up day for NOMS; and a train the trainer day too.

More information about her visit and other updates can be found on the project website: