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  • Friday, 15 April, 2011

    In 2009-10, only two people were arrested for terrorism-related offences out of 92,000 stopped and search. 31% of people stopped (50% in London) were from ethnic minorities, according to a report in The Independent.

  • Friday, 15 April, 2011

    Parrot poaching in Bolivia, drug manufacturing in clandestine laboratories and undercover policing in Holland. It's difficult to know where to start in the March 2011 issue of the British Journal of Criminology, but we suggest with Loic Wacquant's review of Ian Loader and Richard Spark's book Public Criminology?.

  • Thursday, 14 April, 2011

    The High Court has rulled that the Metropolitan police broke the law by kettling up to 5,000 demonstrators at the G20 protests in April 2009 and that it was `unjustified' because there was no risk of `imminent breaches of the peace'.

  • Wednesday, 13 April, 2011

    The European Court of Human Right has given the UK a six-month deadline to create plans to allow prisoners to vote from 11 April 2011. The Daily Mail rejects the ultimatum speaking about 'seven years of arrogance' and 'abuse of power'. 

  • Tuesday, 12 April, 2011

    The Home Secretary has invited the National Statistician to conduct an independent review of crime statistics with the aim of increasing public confidence in these statistics.

    Professor Tim Hope wrote a response in collaboration with the Centre.

  • Monday, 11 April, 2011

    Yates, the acting deputy commissioner of the Metropolitan Police, admitted that Scotland Yard could have done more to get in touch with probable victims of phone-hacking.

  • Monday, 11 April, 2011

    Can science help us tell right from wrong? Sam Harris certainly thinks so. Julian Baggini sits down with one of the 'four horsemen of atheism' to learn more.

  • Monday, 11 April, 2011

    Sophisticated DNA testing will soon be used to catch the owners of dogs who fail to clean up after their pets in the Italian island of Capri; local police will have the task of collecting the evidence from the street.

  • Friday, 08 April, 2011

    Is what a judge said to a defendant just before he had to give evidence on why he had two knives in his car. Koenya Tedjame-Mortty was left `anxious and shaken' after the exchange in which the crown court judge was `rude, harsh and sarcastic' during his trial last year, the Court of Appeal was told. The conviction was overturned.

  • Friday, 08 April, 2011

    ...could be managed by private companies from December 2011. Richard Crompton, the Chief Constable of Lincolnshire, said that the alternative was to cut the number of police officers. Some argue that private companies don't have the same policing knowledge as police staff.  There are already 13 private jails in the UK and prison staff of HMP Birmingham are protesting against the ministers' decision to permit private firms to run three more jails.