Report on armed forces veterans under probation supervision

Tuesday, 7 February 2017

A report profiling provision of services to Armed Forces Veterans under the supervision of Probation Services in England and Wales was launched today by the Probation Institute, the Forces in Mind Trust, and the Centre for Crime and Justice Studies.

The report looks into the reasons for ex-service personnel ending up in the criminal justice system, examining the support provided to them and how that support could be improved; it was produced by the Centre for Crime and Justice Studies for the Probation Institute and funded by the Forces in Mind Trust.

Our Research Director Dr Roger Grimshaw, one of the report authors, said today:

We are delighted that our report is able to shed light on current criminal justice provision for armed forces veterans, whose needs reveal how challenging it can be to leave the military without adequate support.

We are very grateful to the Probation Institute and the Forces in Mind Development Trust for making our work possible.