Minister writes to us on secure colleges

Monday, 3 November 2014

Two weeks ago our Director, Richard Garside, wrote to Andrew Selous MP, the Minister for prisons, probation and rehabilitation, about the government's secure college proposal.

The Minister has now replied. His letter can be downloaded below.

In his letter Mr Selous:

  • reaffirms that no decision has yet been taken on housing girls in the secure college.
  • acknowledges that the problem of young people being held many miles from home was a likely effect of the government's plans.

Mr Selous also argued that secure children's homes were not a 'viable' option for most young people because they were too expensive.

Commenting on Mr Selous' letter, Richard Garside said:

'I'm glad the Minister responded to the concerns I raised so promptly. I'm also pleased that the decision on housing girls in the secure college is still an open one.

'The government's vision of a youth custodial estate made up of a few large, remote institutions is a grim one.

'The way to cut the costs of imprisoning young people is to continue to reduce the number locked up, keeping those few who remain in custody in small units that can far better respond to their needs.'