G4S claims Panorama filming was 'illegal'

Tuesday, 12 January 2016

G4S wrote to the BBC to try to prevent the broadcast of a Panorama film which uncovered abuse at a children's prison run by the security firm, the BBC reports. G4S argues that the filming was 'unauthorised' and 'illegal'. The programme aired on Monday night and is now available to view on BBCiplayer.

  • Stabbing a child in the leg with a fork
  • Squeezing a child's windpipe so he couldn't breathe
  • Slapping a child repeatedly around the head 
  • Using threatening and intimidating language
  • Boasting about mistreating children
  • Persistent and concerted attempts to conceal abuse

On Monday Justice Secretary Michael Gove and a team of Ofsted officials visited Medway Secure Training Centre in the wake of the allegations. Gove is to meet with G4S this week to discuss the allegations.

Shadow Home Secretary Andy Burnham called for G4S to be stripped of the contract to run Medway and other children's prisons if the allegations are true. Michael Gove ruled out these proposals, but Medway is banned from receiving any more children whilst the investigation is underway.

Four of the seven staff who were suspended last week following the allegations have now been sacked, reports The Daily Mail.

It also emerged in The Guardian that guards repeatedly falsified incident reports to prevent G4S incurring financial penalties for 'losing control' in the prisons.