End child imprisonment video by Open University

Wednesday, 10 April 2019

Child Imprisonment: Why we should abolish imprisonment for children and young people, the latest from the campaign to end child imprisonment, is a short documentary about the harms of depriving children of their liberty.

 Dr David Scott interviews campaigners who have been personally affected by the issue, and Carolyne Willow, Director of Article 39

David closes the video saying:

We need to think again about what we mean by child prison as a last resort and work towards ending the sanction of imprisonment for all children. We need to listen to children. We need to support and empower them. We need to recognise their vulnerabilities. We need to ensure that the voice of the child is heard and we need to find radical alternatives to deal with troubled and troublesome children in our society. 

The video marks the beginning of a week of action for the campaign to end child imrpisonment, which is a coalition of individuals and organisations to press for the closure of England's child prisons and raise awareness of the harms of child imprisonment.