Centre's Director, Richard Garside on core policing

Friday, 2 November 2018

Richard Garside, the Centre's Director, appeared on the Today show yesterday to respond to the Chair of  the National Police Chiefs' Council, Sara Thornton's comments on core policing activities, misogyny and violent crime.

Commenting on the issue, Richard said that:

The police remain a very generously funded public service but nonetheless as austerity has bitten and a number of public services have had cutbacks, it seems very likely, and indeed there is certainly some evidence to suggest that police are being asked to fill the gaps, in the withdrawal of those services. That's not what the police are for and nor should they be asked to do that. 

Comments from Richard came after Thornton called for police to restrict their core activity to focusing on burglary and violent crime away from incidents which are not categorised as offences, such as misogyny. 

Richard is also quoted on BBC news on the same topic.