The Centre in the news

Friday, 14 September 2018

Staff here at the Centre have been busy appearing in various media over the summer.

Last month, Senior Associate, Helen Mills appeared on Sky News to discuss policing, crime and funding. On crime statistics and public perceptions on crime levels, she told Sky News

'It's certainly true to say police recorded crime is increasing and it has been since 2014 but that might not necessarily mean that the incidents of crime are increasing.'  

In response to revelations of HMP Birmingham's conditions whilst in the management of G4S, our Director, Richard Garside told the Financial Times that: 

'We shouldn't have private prisons, what they need is a proper unified management and oversight, clear standards nationally, which is difficult when it is fragmented across various providers.'

On the current issue of transgender prisoners, Richard was also quoted in Scottish broadsheet, The Herald:

'Consider what it must be like for women who have experienced male violence to have males imprisoned alongside them. The Prison Service needs to give serious thought to transgender wings or other facilities where they can live out their identity in a more comfortable environment than is likely to be the case in a conventional male prison.'