New video: Last month in criminal justice

Wednesday, 2 February 2022

Watch our February edition of 'Last month in criminal justice' and access our webinar reading list.

This month's episode featured expert commentary from Rona Epstein, Peter Neyroud and Kate Coleman on a range of issues including Partygate, transgender prisons policy, pregnant women in prison, the (non) prosecution of sex offences and increasing rates of deaths in custody. 

We have also provided a list of resources below, as a reference list from the webinar.

Webinar resource list

We were joined by Rona Epstein who talked about the need to end the imprisonment of pregnant women. To stop the state from sending pregnant women to prison, please sign this petition organised by Birth Companions, Level Up and Women in Prison. 

Rona and Dr Geraldine Brown published a piece for the Centre on why we need to stop sending pregnant women to prison. Rona and Geraldine do their work on this issue at Coventry University as a research project.

The Prisons and Probation Ombudsman's recently published report on the findings from the inquiry into the death of a baby (Baby A) at HMP Bronzefield in 2019 can be found here

A second report on the circumstances surrounding the birth of a stillborn baby in HMP Styal in 2020 can be read here

Kate Coleman from 'Keep Prisons Single Sex' discussed prisons policy, self-identification, transgender prisoners and female prisoners. 

You can read the Prison Rules (1999) with particular reference to female prisoners and guidance on transgender prisoners here.

The Angiolini Inquiry into the rape and murder of Sarah Everard published its terms of reference earlier this month. 

Find the latest Safety in Custody statistics here, sexual offences data here and prosecution data on sexual offences for England and Wales here.