After Strangeways webinars. Download the flyer

Friday, 22 January 2021

Between 22 and 26 February, we will be holding five webinars over five days discussing the past, present and future of prisons.

We're holding the webinars to coincide with the thirtieth anniversary of the report into the Strangways prison protest in Manchester by Lord Justice Woolf. The 25-day protest in April 1990 at Strangeways prison in Manchester was the longest prison protest in British history.

Over five days, we will:

  • Discuss the background to the Strangeways protest
  • Recount what happened in those 25 days in April 1990 and the immediate consequences
  • Review the failed attempts to reform the prison system, and address systemic injustices in prisons, since the Strangeways protest
  • Take a long view on 200 hundred years of failure in prisons and consider a future in which prisons are no longer a mainstay of our response to crime

You can book a place at as many webinars as you wish, and download the event leaflet to help us publicise them.