Policing part 2: Undercover policing

Friday, 14 August 2020

This week's summer reading builds on last week's policing reading list, with articles, videos and research focusing on the undercover policing of political protest. 

The undercover policing of political protest

Back in 2017, our Head of Programmes, Helen Mills presented a briefing on the historic and current undercover policing of political protests, with the aim to project the voices of those affected by undercover policing and maintain a spotlight on the issue. 

Spycops in context

Connor Woodman spent a year with us researching the history and practice of the undercover policing of political protest, resulting in two reports providing the historical context of spycops. 

Police spying inquiry offers opportunity to right wrongs

Suresh Grover responds to the announcement of the police spying inquiry in 2015, with hopes that the Chair would do justice to those who have been targeted by undercover police over the years.

Can the truth outweigh secrecy?

A campaigner against malpractice and racism in the Metropolitan Police for years, Stafford Scott asks how it is possible to achieve justice when undercover police - including the Special Demonstration Squad - are using human rights legislation to conceal their identities. Is accountability possible?

In 2015 we co-organised a conference on corruption, spying, racism and accountability in policing with The Monitoring Group, Imran Khan and Partners and Tottenham RIghts. Here's a selection of videos from the weekend

What's the worst that could happen? 

Police spies out of our lives: Challenging undercover intimate relationships

Police spying, gangs and racism