Latest report out now: COVID-19 in EU prisons

Wednesday, 29 July 2020

What measures are EU countries adopting to address COVID-19 in prisons and other detention settings?

Our latest report - COVID-19 in European prisons: Tracking preparedness, prevention and control - presents the raw data from a set questions asked to representatives from institutions in a selection of European countries about how the COVID-19 pandemic in prisons in their respective jurisdictions is being managed.

Lead author, Matt Ford said: 

It is vitally important that prison administrations implement the World Health Organisation's guidance on how to prevent and manage COVID-19. The data we released today attempts to assess how far they have done so. It should form the basis for scrutiny and accountability of policies to manage COVID-19 in prisons across Europe.

Russell Webster has also written up a summary of the report.

We will continue to improve our understanding of how COVID-19 is being addressed in prison systems through a series of webinars throughout 2020. 

Read the report here.