The 2017 Radzinowicz Prize goes to...

Wednesday, 21 March 2018

The Editorial Board of the British Journal of Criminology award the Radzinowicz Prize each year to the person who ‘most contributes to knowledge of criminal justice issues and the development of criminology’.

Nadera Shalhoub-Kevorkian has been awarded the 2017 prize for her paper The Occupation of the Senses: The Prosthetic and Aesthetic of State Terror. 

Sandra Walklate, the Editor-in-Chief, notified Nadera who responded, 'It is a great honour not only for me personally, but also for the mission, people and critical perspective I present. British Journal of Criminology is a home for my writing, and I take pride in it.'

Her article examines how the Israeli occupation of East Jerusalem is experienced by Palestinians through the sights, sounds and rituals of Israeli settlers, in addition to the more overt security/military infrastructure. As she writes in her article:

My central argument is that in order to understand colonial violence as it manifests itself in the occupation of the senses and its inscription of pain onto the bodies and lives of the colonized, we must go beyond traditional examinations of relations of domination and control. Not only through occupation of territory and the building of walls, checkpoints and other modes of separation are state apparatuses multiplied, transformed, circulated and deployed to further produce the prominence and exclusivity of the colonizer’s regime, but also through sensory and embodied means. Utilizing various sensory phenomena (e.g. graffiti, sound, vocabulary, narratives, smells), the settler colony institutionalizes itself to cement its legitimacy and hegemony.

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