Until July 2016, the Centre for Crime and Justice Studies was the UK partner in a two year European collaboration charting the use of community sentences in Europe and their effectiveness as an alternative to custody.

The following materials, published by the collaboration, are now available.

Reducing the prison population in Europe: Do community based sentences work?

This details trends in community-based sentences from 2000 to 2014. The report documents the widespread increase in the use of community-based sanctions and that this increase largely took place alongside the continued growth in prison numbers.

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Alternatives to imprisonment in Europe: A handbook of good practice

This report features examples of community-based practices that could support a reduce role for imprisonment. These examples are drawn from expert seminars held in the eight countries involved in the collaboration.

The report also provides recommendations to guide a more restrained use of community-based measures in a smaller criminal justice system.

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The findings of this collaboration are also discussed in these two comment pieces by Helen Mills and Catherine Heard.