Impact of alternatives to custody examined

The relationship between sentencing practices and the official crime rate was discussed last week at a packed event hosted by the Centre for Crime and Justice Studies.

The event – Alternatives to custody: Data and policy perspectives – was organised jointly with the...

25 April 2016

Things can only get better

(This article is republished from Issue 62, December 2005 of Criminal Justice Matters) We did not want to enquire too closely when the Government announced its support for ‘evidence-based’ policy-making. After the long years of having criminological research ignored, under-valued and...
Tim Hope
cjm 102: And finally...

Grappling with vomiting binge drinkers

The reaction to the impending prospect of ‘cuts’ in police numbers in the run-up to the recent Comprehensive Spending Review was as obfuscating as it was revealing, for one simple reason: while...

18 December 2015

We need a different crime survey

As Richard Garside has frequently commented here, the Crime Survey for England and Wales (CSEW) is neither a survey of crime (it doesn’t cover much of it), nor a survey of victims (it doesn’t include all of them), nor a survey of victimisation (it doesn’t measure enough of it).

21 May 2015

Riots, pure and simple?

Tim Hope introduces this special issue of cjm ‘It is criminality, pure and simple’; so said the Prime Minister in his Statement to Parliament on 11 August 2011 following days and nights of rioting and looting across London and other English cities. As most of us usually concern ourselves with...
cjm 87: The August 2011 Riots

The dishonest politician's guide to the police

The publication on 18 November 2014 of HM Inspectorate of Constabulary’s final report of an inspection of crime data integrity in police forces in England and report –...

20 November 2014

What are the alternatives to policing?

On 22 October the Centre held an event which aimed to stimulate debate about alternatives to policing in Britain. Professor Tim Hope of the University of Salford, and Dr Waqas Tufail of the University of Liverpool, led the discussion by introducing papers outlining which functions the police...

27 October 2014