Last week was a bad week for pollution

It began on Monday, 6 June, with reports that Rosamund Kissi-Debrah is planning to sue the Greater London Authority following the death of her nine-year-old daughter Ella as a result of...

13 June 2016

'Better Regulation': Better for whom?

This Briefing by Professor Steve Tombs places the spotlight on the lack of effective regulation of pollution, food safety and workplace health and safety standards in the UK. An estimated 29,000...
1 May 2016

'Social murder' kills thousands each year

Thousands of British citizens are dying needlessly each year because of the government’s failure to tackle food poisoning, health and safety breaches and pollution, a new report from the Centre for Crime and Justice Studies claims today. The report –...

1 May 2016

David Cameron pressed on 40,000 preventable deaths

At Prime Minister's Questions today, David Cameron was pressed on why he and London Mayor Boris Johnson have been lobbying the EU to weaken plans to reduce air pollution and improve air quality. The question came from Labour MP Geraint Davies. 

Mr Davies said:


20 April 2016

Book Review: Harmful societies

Steve Tombs reviews Simon Pemberton’s new book Each year, the Office for National Statistics calculates the number of ‘excess winter deaths' – deaths from December to March compared with the average number of deaths occurring in the preceding and following four month periods in England and Wales...
Steve Tombs
cjm 101: #BlackLivesMatter

I would alternative to the corporation

The corporation is an amoral, essentially destructive entity which causes far more physical, social and economic harm than the incivilities upon which criminal justice systems overwhelmingly...

20 April 2015