Change of direction needed to prevent further deaths

The distressing news yesterday that five prisoners killed themselves in prisons in England and Wales over six days is a reminder, if such is needed, of prison's dreadful toll of misery and despair.

29 May 2020

Prisons need to emerge from the lockdown

A regrettable feature of the current coronarvirus crisis is the government using it as an excuse to expand prison capacity, rather than as a prompt to address our crisis of overincarceration.

1 May 2020

Overcoming the cops in our heads

'The virus doesn’t care if you’re an officer or a prisoner. If a prisoner has it today, the officers will have it tomorrow and the officer’s family will have it the day after that.'

24 April 2020

Continued inaction is risking lives of prisoners and staff

‘Our government must do more’ said Richard Garside in an interview with The Guardian today.

He continued, ‘If you set out to create an institution with the express intent of concentrating and transmitting Covid-19, it would probably look much like a prison.’

At least 10,000 to 15,000 prisoners need to be released from the prison system, to allow for single cells, but the...

21 April 2020

Responding to the coronavirus crisis

In a new comment piece, our director Richard Garside sets out some of the ways we plan to respond to the growing coronavirus crisis in prisons.

'If an institution was to be invented with the express intention of maximising the spread of coronavirus, and of concentrating it among those most likely to be vulnerable to it', Richard writes, 'that institution would probably look much like a prison.'

Richard's article covers some of...

27 March 2020