Empower, resist, transform. A collection of essays

This essay collection highlights how women facing criminalisation and gender based violence are repeatedly failed by society. Helen Mills, Rebecca Roberts and Laurel Townhead describe the...
14 January 2015

Institutional care and poverty: evidence and policy review

This review, sponsored by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation, examined international evidence about the links between institutional care and poverty in order to identify strategies for reducing the risks...
26 August 2014

What is crime?

Rebecca Roberts and Will McMahon explore hidden and ignored crimes and harms
cjm 74: Criminalisation

The hall of mirrors: Criminal justice myths uncovered

Gazing into the carnival mirror The 2003 Oxford Dictionary of English describes a myth as ‘a widely held but false belief or idea’. The authors in this issue of cjm challenge a series of criminal justice myths including what ‘crime’ is, how much is out there, who the ‘criminals’ are, and the...
Rebecca Roberts
cjm 83: Myths and criminal justice

Justice matters for women: lifting the lid on Pandora's box

Helen Mills and Rebecca Roberts outline some of the thinking behind the Justice Matters for Women project In January this year the Prime Minister, David Cameron, was questioned by the House of Common's Liaison Committe e on the issue of violence against women. In his responses, Cameron emphasised...
cjm 96: Justice Matters

Little to lose, much to gain

There is a growing sense of frustration and sadness amongst practitioners and campaigners at the economic and political situation we now find ourselves in. Many of the gains in gender equality,...

28 May 2014