Alternatives to Holloway

Rebecca Roberts, the Centre's Senior Policy Associate, has written about the closure of Holloway prison, drawing on the Alternatives to Holloway pamphlet published in 1972. She writes:

Some 44 years later and prison numbers have rocketed. In the 30 years leading up to

23 March 2016

Cameron's reforms: Asset stripping and privatisation?

The Centre's Deputy Director, Will McMahon, and Senior Policy Associate, Rebecca Roberts, have warned that David Cameron's recent speech on prison reform signals a move towards the expansion and privatisation of criminal justice, rather than a serious attempt to address the problems in the...

22 February 2016

Holloway: The beginning of a revolution?

At this year’s Conservative party conference, Michael Gove apparently heralded in a new era for criminal justice reform. Prisons need to be managed better, he said. People in prison need to...

10 December 2015

Criminal justice in times of austerity

This an abridged summary of a paper presented to the 'Policing the crisis' conference organised by Defend the Right to Protest

15 November 2015

Racism and criminal justice

Rebecca Roberts explores the social and historical context to disproportionality in the criminal justice system In February 2015 I had the privilege of participating in a conference on ‘ Police Corruption, Racism and Spying ' from which many of the papers in this issue of cjm originate...
Rebecca Roberts
cjm 101: #BlackLivesMatter

I would build...a blueprint for change

When I first started working in the criminal justice voluntary sector around 15 years ago, I did so with the best intentions. From what I’d learned at university and through voluntary work,...

13 July 2015

Can we do better?

Rebecca Roberts reviews 'Locked down, locked out' describing it as a useful resource for activists Many academic papers, political speeches and newspaper column inches have been devoted to the idea that – with a tweak here and a tweak there – the police, courts, prisons and...
Rebecca Roberts
cjm 100: Criminal justice since 2010

What are the alternatives to prison?

The Centre for Crime and Justice Studies, in collaboration with the University of Liverpool, held a workshop on alternatives to prison on 21 April 2015. Attended by around 70 campaigners, academics, researchers and activists, participants were presented with the following questions: ...

22 April 2015