Jamie Bennett, Joe Sim, Peter Squires, Robert Reiner and Barry Loveday offer their own recollections of a stand out subject from the past 26 years Jamie Bennett - Rex Bloomstein's films of reflection and empathy Through his documentaries, Rex Bloomstein has charted the experience of imprisonment...
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Young people, knives and guns (summary)

The summary version of detailed research carried out in 2009 on the evidence for effective strategies to tackle knife and gun carrying by young people.
17 September 2009

Young people, knives and guns

There is little evidence to support police-led interventions to tackle knife violence, research from the Centre for Crime and Justice Studies has concluded. Following a comprehensive review of gun...
10 June 2009

'Gun crime' A review of evidence and policy

Most of the problems associated with the illegal use of firearms require social and economic rather than criminal justice solutions, according to a report published by the Centre for Crime and...
28 June 2008