Peter Squires


Jamie Bennett, Joe Sim, Peter Squires, Robert Reiner and Barry Loveday offer their own recollections of a stand out subject from the past 26 years

Jamie Bennett - Rex Bloomstein's films of reflection and empathy

Young people, knives and guns

There is little evidence to support police-led interventions to tackle knife violence, research from the Centre for Crime and Justice Studies has concluded.

Following a comprehensive review of gun and knife crime strategies, conducted for the Children's Commissioner for England, the report - Young people, knives and guns - concludes that a `zero tolerance' approach to weapon possession `is ineffective in reducing crime or changing attitudes' among young people.

'Gun crime' A review of evidence and policy

Most of the problems associated with the illegal use of firearms require social and economic rather than criminal justice solutions, according to a report published by the Centre for Crime and Justice Studies.

`Gun Crime' A review of evidence  says that there `is no compelling evidence' that the current largely enforcement led strategy adopted by the government `is likely to prove a durable or effective way of dealing with firearm related offending'.

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