Difficult conversations

I recently read social work academic Ray Jones’ sobering and critical analysis of the case of 'Baby P', which put me in mind...

2 June 2015

A changing service

I had an unsettling reminder of one of the organisational contortions that have beset the Probation Service in recent years, as part of the pervasive impact of unrestrained neo-liberalism, when...

4 February 2015

The zig zag towards desistance

I vividly recall listening to reformed armed robber Bobby Cummines, co-founder of the ground breaking charity Unlock, speaking at my invitation to a Napo...

1 December 2014

Remembering Billy

One of the most interesting and seminal figures in child development was the wonderfully insightful psychiatrist, Donald...

29 September 2014

Believing in someone

I read with considerable interest the recent legislative changes outlined in the Offender Rehabilitation Act 2014 to...

3 April 2014