Memorable speakers from my time in probation

It was whilst poring over the pages of Dan Werb's unsettling book, 'City of Omens', a troubling narrative of femicide on the US/Mexican borderlands, that I recalled a time in my probation career when my role in the union, Napo entrusted me with arranging guest speakers at branch meetings.

5 August 2020

A busy morning in probation

Whilst I was reading Michael Tonry's timely and humane critique of many of the more damaging and unjust policies and practices of punishment and sentencing in the US justice system, a phrase jolted my memory of my time working in probation.

6 July 2020

A brush with the criminal justice system

Whilst it was far from being an unexpected departure from my usual staple diet of criminal justice reading, I was jolted in a very visceral way having read the first few pages of Thomas Grant's keenly observed exploration of some of the more sensational criminal cases heard in the Old Bailey.

22 June 2020

Tunes from another time

I suppose it was almost inevitable when I was reading a recently published and presciently informed book on risk control in criminal justice, that two pertinent terms in particular, risk and existential uncertainty, resonated most uncomfortably with me in the current all enveloping coronavirus pandemic.

2 May 2020

Meeting Nala

I recently re-read Peggy Giodano's important scholarly work, Legacies of Crime, which explores the lives of seriously delinquent girls and boys in the United States who were followed over a 20-year period as they grew to adulthood. A book that left an abiding impression on my understanding of how some women become embroiled in the criminal justice system.

3 December 2019

Acting up

Reading Julia Warrener's lively and accessible critique of Personality Disorder, I was put in mind of my work with Lindsay (not his real name) while I was a Probation Officer. Lindsay's flamboyant...

7 June 2017