The challenge of an ageing prison population

It's said that prisons reflect our societies. From the aboriginal community in Australia to the poor in Scotland, those at the bottom of the social pile predominate in their penal institutions....

14 December 2016

Fix room for drug addicts overdue but welcome

The announcement of support for Safe Injection Facilities in Glasgow is long a overdue but very welcome decision. Glasgow City Alcohol and Drug Partnership are to be congratulated for taking these...

8 November 2016

Too many vulnerable people being criminalised

Far too many vulnerable people are being drawn into the justice system, the Northern Ireland Justice Minister, Claire Sugden, told our conference on the UK justice systems on Wednesday.

Speaking at Criminal...

21 October 2016

Criminal justice since 2015 conference agenda published

We have published the agenda for our forthcoming conference, 'Criminal Justice since 2015: What happened? What next?', which will be held on Wednesday 19 October.

The Northern Ireland Justice Minister, Claire Sugden MLA, and the former Scottish Justice Secretary, Kenny MacAskill, head a...

28 September 2016

Tackling terrorism with proportionate responses

Recent attacks in France and Germany have brought home in a shocking way that no one and nowhere is off limits, and nothing safe or sacred. The new ‘Nike’ terrorism, so called as it encourages...
1 August 2016

Action needed on short prison sentences in Scotland

In 2010 the Scottish Government legislated for a presumption against sentences of less than three months. Six months had been sought, but cross-party support was absent for the minority SNP...

24 June 2016

The Lockerbie bombing and the search for justice

On 21 December 1988, Pan Am flight 103 departed from Heathrow for New York. It wasn’t scheduled to land in Scotland. However, a delay in departure meant that a bomb placed on the plane detonated...

26 May 2016

Ending the civil war on drugs

If there is a ‘war on drugs’, it’s a civil war; the main protagonists our own people not some foreign enemy.

It’s a problem that’s rooted more in social and economic inequalities, than in...

6 January 2016

Gearing up for a lower drink driving limit

It’s argued that the most effective laws are those that help change the behaviour causing concern in our communities. Not only is the offence prosecuted less, as it diminishes in frequency. The...

29 December 2015