Prison safety and reform: When?

Prison Safety and Reform was published in November 2016. Covering 61 often-repetitive, meagre pages, the White Paper theoretically provides a blueprint for the ‘biggest overhaul of our prisons in a generation’.  

2 December 2016

The toxic legacy of New Labour

Joe Sim argues that New Labour stannds indicted for intensifying politically and spiritually corrosive policies in the criminal justice system. (This article is republished from Issue 79, March 2010 of Criminal Justice Matters) Steal a little and they throw you in jail , steal a lot and they make...
cjm 102: And finally...

Beyond Govism

According to liberal commentators, Michael Gove's speech on penal reform at the Conservative Party conference in Manchester, and his subsequent announcement that HMP Holloway was to close, will...

14 December 2015


Jamie Bennett, Joe Sim, Peter Squires, Robert Reiner and Barry Loveday offer their own recollections of a stand out subject from the past 26 years Jamie Bennett - Rex Bloomstein's films of reflection and empathy Through his documentaries, Rex Bloomstein has charted the experience of imprisonment...