Right to protest threatened by wall of silence

Since the exposure of Mark Kennedy as an undercover officer in the climate change movement in 2011, the spotlight should have been on undercover policing and getting to the bottom of its...

9 November 2017

'Wall of silence’ threatens Undercover Policing Inquiry

The police are building a near 'impenetrable wall of silence' around some of their most secret and harmful practices, according to a new report out today.

The report shows that over six years on from revelations about police infiltration of political activist groups, and more than two years since the establishment of a public inquiry to investigate their activity, little more has come to light about undercover policing practices.

The report...

24 October 2017

Our latest UK Justice Policy Review report out now

Since 2012, the Centre for Crime and Justice Studies has been publishing UK Justice Policy Review (UKJPR), an annual assessment of criminal justice developments across the United Kingdom.


26 June 2017

UK Justice Policy Review: Volume 6

The sixth in an annual series by the Centre for Crime and Justice Studies, supported by The Hadley Trust, assessing year-on-year developments in criminal justice across the UK.
26 June 2017

High prison numbers: Are sentencers to blame?

Since his appointment in May, several predictions have been made about the kind of Justice Secretary Michael Gove will be. Expanding the role for the private sector in delivering criminal justice...

23 March 2016

Empower, resist, transform. A collection of essays

This essay collection highlights how women facing criminalisation and gender based violence are repeatedly failed by society. Helen Mills, Rebecca Roberts and Laurel Townhead describe the...
14 January 2015