Strangeways anniversary

Today marks the 30th anniversary of the start of the Strangeways protests.

We were due to hold a conference, After Strangeways: The Past, Present and Future of Prisons, at King's College London to commemorate the longest prison protest in British history. 

Although our event has been postponed due to the public health crisis, we have...

1 April 2020

Conference cancellation: After Strangeways

We are sorry to announce that, due to ongoing concerns relating to coronavirus, the planned conference on 1 April, marking the 30th anniversary of the Strangeways prison protest, has been cancelled.

We are hoping to organise an equivalent event at some point. Given how unpredictable the situation currently is, we are not making any firm plans at this stage.

We will be announcing our future plans for conferences and events via our eBulletin. If you do not currently subscribe, you can...

16 March 2020

Before Strangeways: A look at life before the protests

Before the Strangeways protests in 1990, documentary filmmaker Rex Bloomstein created the series, Strangeways. 

Broadcast in 1980, Strangeways explored daily life in the Manchester prison before the protests, showing the public what life was like for those imprisoned. 

Rex Bloomstein is a speaker at our upcoming conference,...

11 March 2020

The worst place in the world

Before the Strangeways protests, children were incarcerated with adults.

Carolyne Willow
11 March 2020

Don’t look back in anger

In 1988, Partners of Prisoners (POPS) established itself in Manchester as a local support group for families of prisoners.

Diane Curry
14 February 2020

Punishment and access to education in prison today

Since the first national penitentiary, Millbank, opened on British soil in 1816, the debate in England and Wales over what prisons are actually for, and what they should try to achieve, has continued almost unabated.

Stephen Akpabio-Klementowski
7 February 2020

CANCELLED After Strangeways: The past, present and future of prisons

Due to restrictions related to the coronavirus outbreak this event is now unfortunately cancelled.

The 25-day protest in 1990 at Strangeways prison in Manchester was the longest prison protest in British history. On 1 April 2020 – 30 years to the day from the start of the protest – we will be holding a major conference in central London to discuss the past, present and future of prisons. The...