What would you build in the place of criminal justice?

Will McMahon
Monday, 27 October 2014

Earlier this year we asked you what you to tell us what you give up doing in criminal justice. We received a great response ranging from, among others, a significant down-sizing of the police, giving up locking up children and also not using the term ‘criminal justice system’.

The ‘I would build....’ challenge takes the discussion one step further

Imran Khan said at our recent annual Eve Saville lecture, ‘Most of us know what we are against, it is much harder to know what we are for’. The Centre's Justice Matters initiative aims to develop ideas about what we might build in place of the criminal justice footprint in our society. This is a challenging subject. We are keen to build alternatives – so we want to encourage people to put forward ideas for something positive.

It is challenging because it is not about enhancing the capacity of criminal justice agencies to address the needs of those convicted of offences, but about rethinking the configuration of policy and practice – for instance in housing, education, health, social security and employment – so that many current criminal justice responses are not required at all.

Rebecca Daddow has kicked us off with ‘I would build stronger communities’ How about you? What would you build in the place of criminal justice? You can write it in a sentence, a few paragraphs or a whole article. However short or long, let us have it.

What would you build?
Why would you build it?

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