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We are the UK partner in a pan-European project funded by the European Union and coordinated by Associazione Antigone in Italy. The purpose of the European Prison Observatory is to investigate and compare prison conditions, share good practice and promote the adoption of the National Preventative Mechanism and respect for human rights in prisons management across the European Union.

We are working with the independent advisor, Liz Hogarth, in collaboration with a number of other experts, on the future role of women-centred services.

The Justice Matrix is a virtual world that places the user in the shoes of government ministers and their advisers. It offers a conceptual schema for understanding the dynamic relationship between crime, society and the policy-making process.

Our strategic initiative promoting radical alternatives to criminal justice.

Putting the local community at the heart of redevelopment plans for the former women's prison in north London.

One Small Thing works with staff in women’s prisons and in the community across England and Scotland, developing approaches grounded in understanding and fostering positive outcomes for all. We call this trauma-informed practice.

UK Justice Policy Review is a programme of activities, including reports and events, which the Centre has been running since 2010. Under this programme, the Centre assesses year-on-year criminal justice developments across the UK. The programme is made possible through the generous support of The Hadley Trust.

This project intends to report the challenges that the undercover policing of protest groups and social movements has posed to those now seeking truth, justice and accountability. And most importantly to ask: What is the scope for change? Is, indeed, any change possible? Can undercover policing be made more accountable, and if so, how?

We are investigating how a series of measures designed to tackle antisocial behaviour are affecting young adults.