Homicide in Britain in the 21st century

This research is investigating the social distribution of homicide in the 21st century compared with existing findings for the latter part of the 20th century. 

The study aims to examine trends in homicide rates across the UK since 2000. It will investigate where rates are currently the highest, and how this has changed since 2000 (i.e. where has it increased/declined the largest). It will explore the types of areas relating to these trends, particularly the link to deprivation and ethnicity. We will also extend analyses by cause of death (i.e. looking at differences by assault category), and stratify results by age and sex.

The study will replicate and extend the analysis produced by Professor Danny Dorling in his chapter ‘Prime suspect: murder in Britain’ in the book Criminal obsessions: Why harm matters more than crime (2nd edition), published by the Centre for Crime and Justice Studies in 2008.

The research will inform public and policy discussion about significant trends in risk and stimulate reflection on causes and prevention.

The project is led by Dr Mark Green, of the University of Liverpool, working with our Research Director Dr Roger Grimshaw.