Future of women-centred services

We are working with the independent advisor, Liz Hogarth, in collaboration with a number of other experts, on the future role of women-centred services.

This work is being undertaken in the context of the tenth anniversary of The Corston Report on women in the criminal justice system. The report was published in March 2007.

The work includes:

An analysis of the role envisaged for women’s projects in the systems-change proposed by The Corston Report
A critical review of what has happened in the years since the publication of The Corston Report
The potential for developing a creative, holistic vision for policy and practice, with women-centred services at its heart, not just for women affected by the criminal justice system; but also for those at risk of becoming so

In essence, the question is how best to stem the flow and get the systems-change called for by Baroness Jean Corston back on track; exploring what is needed to support women who may be at the earliest possible stage of contact with the criminal justice system, or even before that point.

As part of this work, a report by Liz Hogarth – Trapped in the Justice Loop – was published in May 2017.