The Lammy Review: What will change?

Thursday, 12 October 2017

One of our trustees, Lee Bridges, has written an assessment of the Lammy Review for the Institute of Race Relations, where he is also a trustee.

Lee argues that the government's decision to exclude the police from the remit of the review in part explains 'why the Lammy Review is not as hard hitting as so many had hoped'. Indeed, 'the decision to exclude the police from the inquiry is crucial, as by far the highest rates of ethnic disproportionality are to be found in police activities such as stop and search and arrests'.

In a detailed analysis, he also critiques the review's weak analysis of so-called 'gang' offending and of joint enterprise convictions. These were the subject of a report by the Centre last year.

Our event on Wednesday, 29 November – The Lammy review: less than half of the picture? –  will be be looking at what David Lammy did not cover, including what happens prior to arrest.