Justice Matters for Sadiq Khan

Friday, 1 July 2016

Our Director Richard Garside has welcomed the news that Mayor of London Sadiq Khan will invest the money made from selling three second-hand water cannons in youth services.

The three cannons, bought by Mr Khan's predecessor Boris Johnson, have been sitting unused in storage since they were bought.

Speaking today, Richard said:

'These water cannons were a scandalous waste of money. Sadiq Khan's announcement that they will be sold, with the money being invested in youth services, is great news.

'The Mayor's decision to convert money squandered on unnecessary police equipment into much needed investment in London's young people, reflects the kind of creative thinking our Justice Matters programme promotes.

'We set up Justice Matters to inspire long-term systemic social change, based on the need to rethink the entire configuration of policy and practice so that many current criminal justice responses are not required at all.

'Sadiq Khan's decision on these three pointless water cannons shows what can be achieved when the starting point is addressing the real needs of ordinary people'.