IPCC not fit for purpose

Thursday, 2 April 2015

The Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) is not fit-for-purpose and should be abolished, writes Stafford Scott of Tottenham Rights and the Monitoring Group in The Guardian.

The IPCC's investigation of the Mark Duggan shooting, he argues, is riddled with inconsistencies and omissions. This includes the IPCC's conclusion that there is no reason to discount the testimony of the officer who killed Mark Duggan, who said he believed he was about to be shot at. This is despite the inquest jury's conclusion that Mr Duggan had thrown the gun away either just before or just as he got out of the taxi he was travelling in.

Stafford Scott goes on to describe how the report also neglects to mention that the police were aware two days before they killed Duggan that Kevin Hutchinson-Foster, who allegedly supplied the weapon, had three guns in his possession. He was only arrested 14 weeks after the killing.

You can watch Stafford Scott talking about police racism, corruption and accountability at our conference in February.