Criminal justice since Brexit: conference programme

Thursday, 11 May 2017

We are delighted to announce the programme and (most of) the speakers for our forthcoming Criminal justice since Brexit conference on Wednesday, 28 June.

The conference opens with a panel discussion, chaired by the BBC's Danny Shaw. Representatives from across the four UK nations and regions will discuss what has been going on in crime and justice across the UK. Panellists will include Allison Morris from The Irish News and Chris Marshall from The Scotsman.

The next panel discussion will look at the lessons from attempts to achieve meaningful and lasting reform. Challenging stop and search, preventing deaths in custody, decriminalising abortion in Northern Ireland and securing reform on the laws around joint enterprise are just some of the issues the panel will discuss.

Following lunch, the conference will examine the potential of big data and computer modelling to shed light on contemporary crime and criminal justice policy dilemmas.

The final panel session will look at the big long-term criminal justice challenges, including prison decarceration, police accountability, ending the war on drugs and moving beyond punishment.

Speaking today, our Director, Richard Garside, said:

This is an event that no one with an interest in criminal justice developments across the UK will want to miss.

From considering the big, long-term challenges to reflecting on the difficulties of achieving real, short-term progress, this event has something for everyone.

Criminal justice since Brexit

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