Comment on police body-worn cameras research

Thursday, 29 September 2016

Reacting to new research suggesting that police body-worn cameras reduce complaints against the police, our Director Richard Garside said,

'I welcome this research, which adds to the growing evidence in support of the use of police body-worn cameras.

'Used appropriately, police body-worn cameras can help to encourage respectful and fair treatment of members of the public by the police, as well as protecting police officers from wrongful allegations.

'In the event that the police abuse their position, or face assault from a member of the public, there is also a value in a visual record.'

'Police body-worn cameras are not a panacea for poor policing. They are also open to abuse and misuse.

There is also some evidence to suggest that police officers wearing body-worn cameras are more likely to be assaulted.

'The foundation of good policing is not the fear that abuses will be caught on camera. It is the investment in the values of professionalism, decency and respect, which should be at the heart of any modern police force.'